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Aqua-Check Inc. is a professional, independent sample collection and verification company based in Halifax with employees throughout Nova Scotia. Aqua-Check has collected and reported potable water quality sample results from over 15,000 individual facility visits. This has led to the collection, analysis and reporting of over 15,000 samples for bacteria analysis and 5,000 chemical analysis samples as well as over 6,000 facility visits to measure residual chlorine. 

Aqua-Check's business is the independent collection and delivery of potable, recreational, environmental and effluent water samples. We use ISO 17025:2005 accredited laboratories to conduct precise analyses on all samples collected. Aqua-Check does not provide remediation, equipment sales or installation. We have no incentive to sell equipment to clients based on water quality testing results, so Aqua-Check can offer a truly independent, third party testing service.


Lesley Shea, Environmental Programs Manager

Lesley Shea
Environmental Programs Manager

Aqua-Check Head Office, Halifax

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Jenn Tonna
Environmental Services Assistant

Aqua-Check Head Office, Halifax

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Don Theakston
Water Sampling Technician

Colchester & Cumberland Counties

Rhonda Sewell Photo 1.jpeg

Rhonda Sewell
Water Sampling Technician

Queens & Lunenburg Counties

Valarie Cormier Photo 1.jpg

Valarie Cormier
Water Sampling Technician

Digby, Yarmouth & Shelburne Counties

John Guthro, Water Sampling Technician Photo - January 29th, 2021.j

John Guthro
Water Sampling Technician

Pictou, Antigonish & Guysborough Counties

Kevin Lewis, Water Sampling Technician ID Photo.jpg

Kevin Lewis

Water Sampling Technician

Halifax Peninsula & Annapolis Valley

Ralph Baxter, Water Sampling Technician - For website.PNG

Ralph Baxter

Water Sampling Technician

Cape Breton Island

Wade Stubbington, Water Sampling Technician - For Website.PNG

Wade Stubbington

Water Sampling Technician

Hants County, Dartmouth & Eastern Shore

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