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Radon Gas Testing


Residential Water Quality Testing


Why get your drinking water tested? 

Many people receive their household water, which is used for cooking and domestic uses, from private wells. If the water you drink comes from a private well you should have it tested regularly to ensure it is safe for you and your family, free from disease causing organisms and chemical substances which may post health risks as well as to identify any existing problems. 

If you have a treatment system, regular testing will determine the effectiveness of the system.


Aqua-Check's Service

  • The technical and logistical services that help you establish an effective water monitoring program

  • Standards and credibility that enable owners to confidently promote their facilities.


  • Aqua-Check ensures that sampling, transportation and reporting procedures of your water program are exact and consistent. As an independent service, owners, operators and their clients are assured water monitoring objectives are met accurately and professionally.


  • Qualified and experienced Aqua-Check water  technicians are deployed throughout the province. They properly collect and document required water samples, and ensure correct handling and chain of custody to certified or approved laboratories. If the lab analysis determines the presence of bacterial contamination, the site owner is promptly notified by the lab. Aqua-Check forwards all results (routine, positive, negative) to the owner, and retains an archived copy.


  • Same-day, on-demand sample collection is available, contingent on lab hours.


Specific quotes for pricing can be provided upon request

Aqua-Check will complete installation and collection of radon monitor. Benefits of this option include confirmation of proper monitor placement & installation, accurate record keeping and testing schedule met.

Client will receive the radon monitor through the mail and will install/collect the test themselves. 

Client will receive the radon monitor through the mail and will install/collect the test themselves. 


Water Quality Resources

Pricing Scheme

Aqua-Check's water quality sampling fees are based on two components: technician fees and analysis fees. Technician fees include transportation and on site sampling time, plus kilometers travelled. 

In interest of reducing the transportation time/distance, technicians in the closest population centre will be assigned to the job.

Technician Fees

Technician fees include time worked and distance travelled by the technician


Technician Hours - $31.25/hour

Technician Kilometers - $0.60/km

Analysis Fees

Typical water analysis needs for homes are bacterial tests, full chemical tests and single metals. If any other tests are required, rates can be provided upon request.


Bacterial Analysis (Presence/Absence) - $29.99

Bacterial Analysis (Counts) - $44.99

Full Chemical/Metals Test - $199.99

Single Metals (ie. Arsenic, uranium, etc.) - $21.99

Lead Analysis - $39.99

Glasses of Water

Province of Nova Scotia Department of Environment

Government of Canada, Health Canada

World Health Organization

Water Quality Association

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