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Environmental Monitoring

What is Environmental Monitoring?

Surface water is found in rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and other natural or manmade watercourses. Many bodies of water throughout Nova Scotia provide water for public use or consumption, so monitoring and maintaining water quality is of the utmost importance. Surface water quality monitoring (SWQM) is an essential tool in the multi-barrier approach’s toolkit, ensuring our water quality is maintained in the natural environment. SWQM is an effective method for assessing the impact of human activities on the surrounding water, for developing appropriate protection and mitigation measures for construction or land alteration projects, and for assessing the effectiveness of water resource management programs.


Why Aqua Check?

Aqua-Check currently manages a variety of Surface Water Monitoring Programs to help our clients meet their environmental mandate requirements for projects of varying sizes, scopes and complexities. We have developed customized environmental monitoring programs for our clients based on their unique project requirements. We use industry-leading field testing equipment and complete vigorous Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures to ensure accurate data collections. Each year Aqua Check collects thousands of field data points for our clients to support their environmental management efforts. Our technicians are spread across Nova Scotia to reduce travel costs and ensure efficient, flexible project execution.

Our services include:

  • On-site surface water and erosion monitoring, including aerial photography​

  • Baseline condition identification

  • Construction monitoring (pre-, during and post-construction activities)

  • Field testing water for parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, air & water temperature

  • Collection of water samples for laboratory analysis with a secure chain of custody

  • Data compilation and storage

  • Tracking trends in water quality

  • Geo-tagging and time-lapsed site photography

  • Availability for field testing year-round


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