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Many people receive their household water, which is used for cooking and domestic uses, from private wells. If the water you drink comes from a private well you should have it tested regularly to ensure it is safe for you and your family, free from disease causing organisms and chemical substances which may post health risks as well as to identify any existing problems. 

If you have a treatment system, regular testing will determine the effectiveness of the system.

Why get Your Water Tested?


Safety of your Water?

The only way to know for sure if your water is safe to drink is by having it tested however several factors play a role in the wellbeing of your water. These include well depth and construction, location, weather and more.  

In addition to regular testing, proper upkeep of your well will contribute to the safety of your drinking water

Private wells should be tested a minimum of once a year for coliform bacteria which indicates the presence of microorganisms in the water. These microorganisms can be potentially harmful to your health.


If your well is shallow you may wish to test seasonally 
as your well could be more susceptible to contamination. In addition to tests for the presence of bacteria, wells should also be tested for the presence of chemicals and/or metals in your water. 

Aqua-Check Delivers:

  • The technical and logistical services that help you establish an effective water monitoring program

  • Standards and credibility that enable owners to confidently promote their facilities.


  • Aqua-Check ensures that sampling, transportation and reporting procedures of your water program are exact and consistent. As an independent service, owners, operators and their clients are assured water monitoring objectives are met accurately and professionally.


  • Qualified and experienced Aqua-Check water  technicians are deployed throughout the province. They properly collect and document required water samples, and ensure correct handling and chain of custody to certified or approved laboratories. If the lab analysis determines the presence of bacterial contamination, the site owner is promptly notified by the lab. Aqua-Check forwards all results (routine, positive, negative) to the owner, and retains an archived copy.


  • Same-day, on-demand sample collection is available, contingent on lab hours.


Sample Collection Rates
Collection Fee
On-Cycle Sample Collection (Flat)
Hourly Fees
Mileage Rates

* These rates are based on sample collections done within a 50km radius of the following locations: HALIFAX, ENFIELD, DARTMOUTH, TRURO, NEW GLASGOW, SYDNEY, YARMOUTH, BRIDGEWATER 

Off-Cycle Sample Collection
Lab Analysis Rates
Bacterial Presence/Absence
Bacterial Count
Single Metals (Arsenic, Lead etc.) 
Full Chemicals and Metals 
Lab Analysis Fee

Give us a call and get peace of mind knowing professionals are here to help!

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